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Couples Escape

Looking to get away with your significant other? We have great properties for two and some even having bedroom jacuzzis! We can set up some treats for your arrival and help plan 

Send me an email with:

  • How long you are wanting to stay 

  • How many meals you would like to have out and how many meals you would like in

  • Any excursion you know you want to do

  • A few good times you have available to hop on a call

  • Your budget including cost of stay

Upon Arrival


There are many options for dining in the area. We will discuss what you are looking for and what will fit your party best. If reservations are needed, we will take care of that for you. We will also discuss at-home meal options. All of our properties have full kitchens and grills so we can help coordinate a grocery list if you prefer to eat in. 

Extra Activities

Couples Escape Merch!

Each person will receive one of these shirts. We can do the same designs on hats and koozies if you would like additional items for purchase.

Coming Soon!

Example Package

Lodging: Timmons

2 night stay

Queen Bed, Sleeper Sofa

Champagne/Wine and flowers upon arrival

Friday Night


After Dinner



Dinner reservations nearby at your own expense.

We will make reservations somewhere for you OR we can put together a meal plan/grocery list for you to pick up all at your own expense.

We will look at local events and if there is anything going on you would like to attend we will work with you on that.


I will help you find the perfect hike for your preferences on length, difficulty, views, and time


We will either include a packed-lunch ingredients in your meal plan or plan a place for you to eat near your hike at your own expense. 

Afternoon Activity

We can schedule horse-back riding for after lunch then a wine tasting/vineyard tour following. The wine tasting will be at your own expense. 


We can schedule an early dinner at the vineyard, schedule it somewhere else you prefer, or include a meal in your grocery list to eat at the cabin. This will be at your own expense.

Movie/Game Night

We will make a list of date-night movies available for streaming you can watch together at the cabin. We can also take game suggestions for an extra charge. There will be popcorn and s'mores ingredients for you to enjoy as well. 



We can make a reservation for somewhere at your own expense or include this in your grocery list.

Hike/Sightseeing (optional)

I will help you find the perfect hike for your preferences on length, difficulty, views, and time. This is perfect to do on your way out! 


We will include packed-lunch supplies in your grocery list to eat on your hike OR we can offer suggestions based on the direction you are leaving in.

Total cost
Lodging, Wine/Champagne, Flowers, Horse-back Riding, Wine Tour and planning time: $798.80

Subject to change based on cabin choice, length of stay, wine tour choices, and additional activities chosen. 

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